Cisco ONS 15454 Series Optical Networking

MULT-LINK proudly offers Cisco's ONS 15454 Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms, both pre-owned and new surplus. This series is known for its transport performance and economics, making the ONS 15454 Series products key building blocks in optical networking. The combination of SONWT TDM (time-division-multiplexing) and statistical multiplexing in a single unit results in supercharged transport capability. Contact us to learn how Cisco Optical Networking can work for you.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
15454-0SA 15454 0-shelf bay assy Add
15454-10E-L1-C Cisco 15454 10G Multi-Rate Transponder- EFEC- Full C-Band Tunable Add
15454-10G-S1 10G, SR, Includes SR XFP (ONS-XC-10G-S1) Add
15454-10G-XR 10G, Any Reach, XFP compatible (Ordered Separately) Add
15454-4SA-1BNC1 15454 4-shelf bay assy, SA ANSI, 1 BNCA48, 0 Fan Trays Add
15454-AEP 15454 Alarm Expansion Panel - ANSI support only Add
15454-AIC Alarm Interface Control Add
15454-AIC-I Alarm Interface Card Enh Intl, I-Temp Add
15454-AIR-RAMP ONS 15454 Air Ramp / Baffle for the ANSI Chassis Add
15454-BAY-ACC 15454BayAccessoryKit Add
15454-BAY-COVER 15454 Bay Side Cover Kit Add
15454-BAY-EXT 15454 Bay Extender Kit Add
15454-BAY-GUARD 15454 Bay End Guard Kit Add
15454-BP-COVER-A 15454 BLANK Backplane Cover, Side A Add
15454-BP-COVER-B 15454 BLANK Backplane Cover, Side B Add
15454-CE-100T-8 8x10/100T Carrier Ethernet Add
15454-COMMON-KIT Includes 2 ea 15454-XC-VT and 15454-TCC+ Add
15454-COMMON2-KIT Includes 2ea 15454-XC-VT. 15454-TCC+ and 1ea 15454 FTA3-T Add
15454-DM-L1-30.3 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1530.33-1532.68 Add
15454-DM-L1-34.2 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1534.25-1536.61 Add
15454-DM-L1-38.1 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1538.19-1540.56 Add
15454-DM-L1-42.1 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1542.14-1544.53 Add
15454-DM-L1-46.1 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1546.12-1548.51 Add
15454-DM-L1-50.1 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1550.12-1552.52 Add
15454-DM-L1-54.1 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1554.13-1556.55 Add
15454-DM-L1-58.1 2.5Gbps Multi-rate DataMuxponder 4ch 1558.17-1560.61 Add
15454-DMP-L1-30.3 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1530.33-1532.68 Add
15454-DMP-L1-34.2 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1534.25-1536.61 Add
15454-DMP-L1-38.1 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1538.19-1540.56 Add
15454-DMP-L1-42.1 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1542.14-1544.53 Add
15454-DMP-L1-46.1 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1546.12-1548.51 Add
15454-DMP-L1-50.1 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1550.12-1552.52 Add
15454-DMP-L1-54.1 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1554.13-1556.55 Add
15454-DMP-L1-58.1 2.5G Multi-rate DataMuxpdr FiberSwtched 4ch 1558.17-1560.61 Add
15454-DOOR-KIT 15454 ANSI Shelf Door Kit Add
15454-DS1-14 DS1, 14 Ckt., I-Temp Add
15454-DS1E1-56 DS1/ E1, 1:N, 56 ports, I-Temp Add
15454-DS1N-14 DS1, 1:N, 14 Ckt. I-Temp Add
15454-DS3-12E DS3, Enhanced PM, 12 Ckt. I-Temp Add
15454-DS3EC1-48 DS3, 48 Ckt., reqs SA-HD shelf assembly Add
15454-DS3N-12E DS3, 1:N, Enhanced PM, 12 Ckt. I-Temp Add
15454-DS3XM-12 DS3, Transmux, 12 Ckt. I-Temp Add
15454-DS3XM-6 DS3, DSX Transmux, 6 CKT Add
15454-E1000-2-G Gigabit Ethernet, 2 Ckt., L2, GBIC, XC/XC-VT/XC-10G Add
15454-E100T 10/100BT, 12 CKT, RJ45 Add
15454-E100T-G 10/100BT, 12 Ckt., XC/XC-VT/XC-10G Add
15454-EC1-12 EC1, 12 Ckt. I-Temp Add
15454-EIA-BNC-A24 Elect I/F, 24 BNC, A Side Add
15454-FAP-LVD Fuse and Alarm Panel with dual feed, Low voltage disconnect Add
15454-FBR-STRG Fiber Storage Shelf Add
15454-FC-MR-4 Fibre Channel/FICON, 1-/2-Gbps, 4-Ckt. SL-Series Add
15454-FTA2 Shelf Fan Tray Assembly, NEBS3E,15454, I-Temp Add
15454-FTA3-T Shelf Fan Tray Assembly,ANSI,15454, HPCFM, I-Temp Add
15454-FTF2 Shelf Fan Tray Filter, 15454, NEBS-NEBS3-NEBS3E-ANSI shelves Add
15454-G1000-4 4 Port Gigabit Ethernet Add
15454-G1K-4 Gigabit Ethernet, 4 Ckt., L1, GBIC, XC/XC-VT/XC-10G Add
15454-IS-DSX-KIT ONS 15454 DS3/EC1, DS1 In Service Test Kit Add
15454-M-TSC-K9 Transport Shelf Controller for M2 and M6 Chassis Add
15454-ML1000-2 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 Ckt. L2/L3, SFP Add
15454-ML100T-12 10/100Mbps Ethernet, 12 Ckt. L2/L3 Add
15454-ML100X-8 100Mbps Fiber Ethernet ML-Series, 8 SFP Ckt. L2/L3 Add
15454-MPO-8LC-2 Multi-fiber patchcord - MPO to 8xLC - 2m Add
15454-MR-L1-34.2 Cisco Multi-Rate Txp 100M-2.5G 100G 4ch 1534.25-1536.61 Add
15454-MRC-2.5G4 Cisco OC3/12/48, 2.5G Max, 4 ports, IOF Add
15454-MRC-I-12 OC3/12/48, 12 ports, IOF Add
15454-O48E-1-28.7 OC48, 1528.7,100GHz,1Ckt,(not supported by 15216) Add
15454-O48E-1-30.3 OC48, 1530.33, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-31.1 OC48, 1531.12, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-31.9 OC48, 1531.90, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-32.6 OC48, 1532.68, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-33.4 OC48,1533.47,100 GHz,1Ckt,(200 GHz 15216 only) Add
15454-O48E-1-34.2 OC48, 1534.25, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-35.0 OC48, 1535.04, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-35.8 OC48, 1535.82, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-36.6 OC48, 1536.61, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-38.1 OC48, 1538.19, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-38.9 OC48, 1538.98, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-39.7 OC48, 1539.77, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-40.5 OC48, 1540.56, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-41.3 OC48, 1541.35, 100 GHz,1Ckt,(200 GHz 15216 only) Add
15454-O48E-1-42.1 OC48, 1542.14, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-42.9 OC48, 1542.94, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-43.7 OC48, 1543.73, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-44.5 OC48, 1544.53, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-46.1 OC48, 1546.12, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-46.9 OC48, 1546.92, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-47.7 OC48, 1547.72, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-48.5 OC48, 1548.51, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-49.3 OC48, 1549.32, 100 GHz,1Ckt,(200 GHz 15216 only) Add
15454-O48E-1-50.1 OC48, 1550.12, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-50.9 OC48, 1550.92, 100 GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-51.7 OC48, 1551.72, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-52.5 OC48, 1552.52, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-54.1 OC48, 1554.13, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-54.9 OC48, 1554.94, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-55.7 OC48, 1555.75, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-56.5 OC48, 1556.55, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-57.3 OC48, 1557.36, 100GHz,1Ckt,(200 GHz 15216 only) Add
15454-O48E-1-58.1 OC48, 1558.17, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-58.9 OC48, 1558.98, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-59.7 OC48, 1559.79, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-O48E-1-60.6 OC48, 1560.61, 100GHz, 1Ckt., SC Add
15454-OC121IR1310 OC12, IR, 1310, 1 Ckt. SC, I-Temp Add
15454-OC121LR1310 OC12, LR, 1310, 1 Ckt. SC, I-Temp Add
15454-OC121LR1550 OC12, LR, 1550, 1 Ckt. SC, I-Temp Add
15454-OC12I4-1310 OC12, IR, 1310, 4 Ckt., SC Add
15454-OC192-LR2 OC192, LR, 1550, 1 Ckt. SC Add
15454-OC192IR1550 OC192, IR, 1550, 1 Ckt., SC Add
15454-OC192LR1550 OC192, LR, 1550, 1 Ckt., SC SONET Interface Module Add
15454-OC192SR1310 OC192, SR, 1310, 1 Ckt., SC Add
15454-OC34IR1310 OC3, IR, 1310, 4 Ckt. SC, I-Temp Add
15454-OC3I8-1310 OC3, IR, 1310, 8 Ckt. LC Add
15454-OC481IR1310 OC48, IR, 1310, 1 Ckt. SC, EOS 8-05, (2353) Add
15454-OC481LR1550 OC48, LR, 1550, 1 Ckt. SC, EOS 8-05, (2353) Add
15454-OC48IR1310A OC48, IR, 1310, 1 Ckt. Any Slot, SC Add
15454-OC48LR1550A OC48, LR, 1550, 1 Ckt., Any Slot, SC Add
15454-OSC-CSM ONS 15454 Combiner and Separator with OSC Module Add
15454-OSCM ONS 15454 Optical Service Channel Module Add
15454-OTU2-XP Cisco 4 X OTN 10G MR TRANSPONDER Add
15454-PP-64-LC Patch Panel Shelf - 64 Connectors - LC/UPC Add
15454-RCA Rear Cover Assy, AB Side,15454 Add
15454-REGEN-SPARE Includes 1ea 15454-AIC, 15454-XC-VT. 15454-TCC+,SW and DOC Add
15454-SA-ANSI 15454 SA NEBS3 ANSI w/RCA and Ship Kit, I-Temp Add
15454-SA-GNDKIT Spare Door and Ground Cable Add
15454-SA-HD 15454 SA HD NEBS3 ANSI w/ RCA and Ship Kit Add
15454-SA-HD-DDR 15454 SA HD NEBS3 ANSI w/ RCA, Ship Kit, and Deeper Door Add
15454-SA-HDAHDB2 15454-ANSIShelfAssembly,mountedwithBNC-A48andBNC-B48 Add
15454-SA-HDBNC 15454-HD Shelf Assembly, mounted with BNC-A48 and BNC-B48 Add
15454-SHIPKIT Shelf install accessories Add
15454-TCC+ Timing Communications Control Plus Add
15454-TCC2 Timing Communications Control Two, I-Temp Add
15454-TCC2P-K9 Timing Communications Control Two Plus, I-Temp Add
15454-TIE-BAR-19 Cable tie-down n bar/guardrail for 19 inch rack Add
15454-TIE-BAR-23 Cable tie-down n bar/guardrail for 23 inch rack Add
15454-TU-DSX-KIT ONS 15454 DS3/EC1,DS1 Continuity Test Kit (US - Canada Only) Add
15454-XC XConn, 576 STS Add
15454-XC-10G Xconn. 1152 STS, 672 VT Add
15454-XC-VT Xconn. 576 STS, 672 VT. I-Temp Add
15454-XC-VXC-10G Cross-Connect Module, High Cap. Tributary Add
CISCO15454 15454 ATO (Assemble to Order) Add
ONS-SE-G2F-LX SFP - GE/1G-FC/2G-FC/HDTV - 1310nm - SM - LC Add
ONS-SE-Z1 Cisco SFP-OC48IR1,12/3SR1,GE LX STM S-16.1,I-4,I-1,1310nm EXT-TEMP Add
ONS-SE-ZE-EL Cisco SFP - 10/100/1000 Ethernet BaseT Multi-rate Copper RJ45 Add

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