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We carry a wide variety of new and refurbished Cisco routers from the recently released to difficult-to-locate, obsolete models. Each series in the complement of Cisco router offerings provide unique features and benefits. From fixed configuration to integrated and aggregated services routers, choosing the right one can reduce overall operating expenses, increase security of critical data, and enhance network function and flexibility. Regardless of which router you need, MULTI-LINK will find it. Contact us for more information regarding how to save on new surplus and pre-owned routers from Cisco.

Product ID Description Add to Quote
C3230-1W-49-K9 3230 bundle with (1) 4.9GHz WMIC Add
C3230-1WMIC-K9 Cisco 3230 with one Wireless MIC Add
C3230-2WMIC-K9 Cisco 3230 with two Wireless MICs (card bundle only) Add
C3230-2WMICE-K9 3230 bundle w/(2) WMICs for Europe Add
C3230-3WMICE-K9 3230 bundle with (3) 2.4GHz WMICs for Europe Add
C3230-K9 Cisco 3230 Add
C3230ENC-1WMIC-K9 C3230 bundle w/rugged enclosure fully assembled w/1 WMIC Add
C3230ENC-2WMICE-K9 3230 bundle w/rugged encl. assembled w/(2) WMICs for Europe Add
C3230ENC-3WMICE-K9 3230 bundle w/rugged encl. assembled w/(3) WMICs for Europe Add
C3230ENC-K9 C3230 Bundle w/enclosure Add
C3230TP-2WMIC-K9 C3230 w/2 WMICs, Thermal Plates, Enclosure Assembly Add
C3270ENC-1W-K9 3270 2 GE bundle with rugged enclosure and 1 WMIC Add
C3270ENC-K9 Cisco 3270 bundle w/Rugged Enclosure Assembled Add
C7400VPN/K9 7400 VPNRouter w/VAM,VPN DeviceMgr, 2xFE/GE,AC PS,IPSEC 3DES Add
CGR-2010-SEC/K9 Cisco CGR2010 security bundle w/SEC license PAK Add
CGR-2010/K9 Cisco CGR2010 w/2GE, 4 GRWIC slots, 256 MB CF, 1 GB DRAM, IPB Add
CISCO1005 Cisco 1005 Ethernet/Synchronous Serial Router Add
CISCO10720-AC-A Cisco Internet Router with dual AC Power Supply-Rev A Add
CISCO10720-DC-A Cisco Internet Router with dual DC Power Supply-Rev A Add
CISCO1401 Cisco 1401 Ethernet/ATM25 WAN router Add
CISCO1417 Cisco 1417 ADSL router (Alcatel DMT-2 interoperable) Add
CISCO3220 Fixed config - MARC, 2 Serial, 2 FE and 3DES IP Plus image Add
CISCO4500-M Cisco 4500-M Modular Router-AC Add
CISCO678 Ethernet to ADSL Router Add
CISCO7401-2DC48 Cisco 7401ASR, 1 slot chassis, Dual DC Supply w/IP Software Add
CISCO7401ASR-BB 7401ASR, 256M SDRAM, Broadband Feature License Add
CISCO7401ASR-CP 7401ASR,128M SDRAM, IP Software Add
CISCO761M ISDN Router with SF700-ROX-CE-4.x Add
CISCO762-CH Cisco 762 - Router - ISDN - Ethernet - Cisco IOS - rack-mountable Add
CISCO765-CH Cisco 765 ISDN Access Router, 2 ethernet ports Add
CISCO772-CH Cisco 772 ISDN Router, 4 ethernet ports Add
CISCO775-CH Cisco ISDN router with NT1, 2 ethernet ports Add
CISCO776M ISDN Router w/ NT-1, 2 POTS, w/ 4-port Hub (U.S.) Add
CRS-16/S Cisco CRS-1 Series 16 Slots Carrier Routing System/Single Add
CRS-4/S Cisco CRS-1 Series 4 Slots Carrier Routing System Add
CRS-8/S Cisco CRS-1 Series 8 Slots Carrier Routing System/Single Add
GRWIC-D-ES-2S-8PC EtherSwitch 8x 10/100T (4 PoE) ports + 2 100/1000 SFP Add
SR520-ADSL-K9 4-port Cisco 520 Secure Router, ADSL over POTS (basic telephone service) (Annex A) WAN Add
SR520-ADSLI-K9 4-port Cisco 520 Secure Router, ADSL over IDSN (Annex B) WAN Add
SR520-FE-K9 Cisco 4-port Cisco 520 Secure Router, Fast Ethernet WAN Add
SR520-T1-K9 Cisco 520 T1 Secure Router Add

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