Manufacturer: Cisco
Product ID: PA-MC-2E1/120
Product Description: 2 port multichannel E1 port adapter with G.703 120ohm interf
Shipping: Typically ships within 2-3 days
Warranty: 1-Year Standard Warranty
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Pre-Owned, Used And Refurbished Cisco PA-MC-2E1/120

The Cisco PA-MC-2E1/120, or 2 port multichannel E1 port adapter with G.703 120ohm interf, was designed for use with the following routers and switches: Cisco 7301 and 7201 routers; Cisco 7100 series routers, consisting of the Cisco 7120 series and Cisco 7140 series; Catalyst 6000 family FlexWAN module in the Catalyst 6000 family switches; Catalyst 5000 family switches with the Route Switch Module (RSM)/second-generation Versatile Interface Processor (VIP2); Cisco uBR7200 series universal broadband routers, consisting of the three-slot Cisco uBR7223 and the six-slot Cisco uBR7246; Cisco 7200 series routers and Cisco 7200 VXR routers, consisting of the two-slot Cisco 7202, four-slot Cisco 7204 and Cisco 7204VXR, and the six-slot Cisco 7206 and Cisco 7206VXR; Cisco 7401ASR router; and Cisco 7304 PCI Port Adapter Carrier Card in the Cisco 7304 router. The PA-MC-2E1/120 is one of two multichannel E1 Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Primary Rate Interface (PRI) single-wide port adapters (PA-MC-2E1/120 and PA-MC-8E1/120) offered by Cisco.

Here at MULTI-LINK Communications Products (MLCP), we're proud of our reputation of providing discounted refurbished equipment to our customers affordably and quickly. But what we're most proud of is that the hardware we sell is of the highest possible quality. We ensure this by testing all used and pre-owned equipment twice - once upon receipt and again before shipping it to our customers - making certain that it meets factory specifications. Your Cisco PA-MC-2E1/120 purchase, regardless of whether it is new or refurbished, comes with our standard 1 year advanced-replacement warranty.

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General Information
Manufacturer: Cisco
Product ID: PA-MC-2E1/120
Product Description: 2 port multichannel E1 port adapter with G.703 120ohm interf
Product Type: Port Adapter
Marketing Information

The multichannel E1/PRI port adapters (PA-MC-2E1/120 integrate data service unit (DSU) functionality and E1 channel support into the Cisco router. The PA-MC-2E1/120 2-port independent E1 (120-ohm) connections via RJ-48C connectors.The PA-MC-2E1/120 can provide up to 62 separate full-duplex HDLC channelized E1, fractional E1, full E1, or unframed E1 interfaces.

Technical Information
Application/Usage: Data Networking
Interfaces/Ports Details: 2 x RJ-48C E1 WAN
Media & Performance
Media Type Supported: Twisted Pair
Network Technology: E1
Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 2.05 Mbit/s
Additional Information:

Conforms with ITU G.703 and G.704

  • Cisco 7100 Series Routers
  • Cisco 7200 Series Routers
  • Cisco 7200 VXR Routers
  • Cisco uBR7200 Series Routers
  • Cisco 7201 Router
  • Cisco 7301 Router
  • Cisco 7401ASR Router
  • Cisco 7000 Series Routers
  • Cisco 7500 Series Routers
  • Catalyst 6000 Family FlexWAN Module

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