Lifetime Warranty
Manufacturer: Cisco
Product ID: MGX-VISM-PR-8E1
Product Description: Voice Interworking Service Module - PR:8 E1 ports
Shipping: Typically ships within 2-3 days
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
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Pre-owned, used and refurbished Cisco MGX-VISM-PR-8E1

The Cisco MGX-VISM-PR-8E1 available from MULTI-LINK (MLCP) is just one of the many options availabile in our extensive switch equipment inventory. If you would like to request a quote for a new, refurbished or used MGX-VISM-PR-8E1, simply add it to your quote cart or call us directly at 1-800-TO MULTI (866-8584) and speak with a representative today!

By maintaining a large MGX-VISM-PR-8E1 inventory, MULTI-LINK can often ship on the same day or within 1-2 days of your order. We believe that "diversity" within our stock is critical to our customers, and so we provide an extensive selection of current and previous generation equipment, from fixed-config & modular switches, to interface cards and other insert components. Whatever your Cisco switch requirement, MULTI-LINK strives to be your one-stop source.

We approach every transaction as if it's the first in a hopefully long customer relationship. That hope guides our commitment to quality, and so we guarantee all used and refurbished MGX-VISM-PR-8E1 will be tested to factory specifications by our onsite technicians, and we'll back it with our standard our lifetime warranty.

In the middle of an equipment upgrade? If you have surplus MGX-VISM-PR-8E1 or other network equipment, we'd like to hear from you. Please visit our Investment recapture page to review various buy-back options, list your equipment on our Sell Us Your Surplus form or call us directly for assistance at 1-800-TO MULTI (866-8584).
General Information
Manufacturer: Cisco
Product ID: MGX-VISM-PR-8E1
Product Description: Voice Interworking Service Module - PR:8 E1 ports
Product Type: Service Module
Marketing Information

This Cisco 8-port E1 Front Card MGX-VISM-PR-8E1 process high-density digital voice circuits and provide dynamic compression, echo cancellation, dejittering, silence suppression, and packetization. It is under the control of two independent processors. The main processor performs the control tasks; configuration, call setup and teardown, and management. The second processor, the data mover, handles the moving and processing of the voice and voiceband data traffic through the system.

Technical Information
Application/Usage: Data Networking
Additional Information:
  • Supports up to eight E1 lines carrying digitized voice
  • Digital signal processors (DSPs)
  • High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) framer
  • Broadband interface to the packet network
  • Flexibility that allows the incorporation of new or improved technology as it becomes available
  • Cisco MGX 8230 switch
  • Cisco MGX 8250 (PXM1)
  • Cisco MGX 8830 (PXM1E)
  • Cisco MGX 8850 (PXM1)
  • Cisco MGX 8850 (PXM45)
  • Cisco MGX 8850 (PXM1E)
  • Cisco MGX 8880 (PXM45)

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